Halt and Will had been trailing the Wargals for three days. The four heavy-bodied, brutish creatures, foot soldiers of the rebel warlord Morgarath, had been sighted passing through Redmont Fief, heading north. Once word reached the Ranger, he had set out to intercept them, accompanied by his young apprentice. ‘Where could they have come from, Halt?’ Will asked during one of their short rest stops. ‘Surely we’ve got Three Step Pass well and truly bottled up by now?’

Book Summary

For years, the Kingdom of Araluen has prospered, with the evil lord Morgarath safely behind impassable mountains. But while the people of Araluen have felt secure, Morgarath has not been idle. On a special mission for the rangers, Will and his friend Horace, an apprentice warrior, travel to the neighboring country of Celtica and discover an unsettling truth. Villages, mines and border posts are deserted. The Celts have disappeared. Will senses the hand of Morgarath behind the sinister mystery. Before long, they discover that the king’s army is in danger of being destroyed in a treacherous ambush. Only Will, Horace, and a mysterious girl named Evanlyn, stand between them.

My Experiences

When I read this book, I felt the real bonding between Horace and Will. Gilan was always trying to cheer the two up by making jokes and taking their mind off things. It took me one and a half days to read this book. Evanlyn is a mysterious girl found in Celtica. Who really is Evanlyn? Is she a distraction from Morgarath? Is she an ally or foe? Will she help Will, Horace, and Gilan? Find out in The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan. 


“Polite, isn’t he” Gilan mused. “Obviously manners are well taught in the Battleschool these days. Nice to be called ‘sir’ all the time.” Will grinned at the kindly meant jibe. Then his smiled faded from his face as Gilan continued thoughtfully. “Not a bad idea to have a bit of respect shown. Perhaps you could call me ‘sir’ as well,” he said, turning his face away to study the tree line, so Will couldn’t see the faint trace of a grin that insisted on breaking through. Aghast, Will choked over the answer. He couldn’t believe his ears. “Sir?” he said finally. “You really want me to call you ‘sir’ Gilan?” Then as Gilan frowned slightly at him, he amended hurriedly and in great confusion: “I mean, sir! You want me to call you ‘sir’… sir?” Gilan shook his head. “No, I don’t think ‘Sir Sir’ is suitable. Nor ‘Sir Gilan.’ I think just the one ‘sir’ would do nicely, don’t you?” Will couldn’t think of a polite way of phrasing what was in his mind, and guested helplessly with his hands. Gilan continued. “After all, it’ll do nicely to keep us all remembering who’s in charge of this party, won’t it?” Finally Will found his voice. “Well, I suppose it will Gil…I mean sir.” He shook his head surprised by this sudden demand for formality from his friend. He rode in silence for a few minutes, then herd an explosive sneezing sound as Horace tried, unsuccessfully, to smother his giggling. Will glared at him, then turned suspiciously to Gilan. The young Ranger was grinning all over his face as he eyed the apprentice. He shook his head in mock sorrow. “Joking, Will. Joking.” Will realized his leg was being pulled again, and this time with Horace’s full knowledge. “I knew that,” he replied huffily. Horace laughed out loud, and this time Gilan joined in.

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Have fun reading The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan. 


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