PictureI was born a few minutes after midnight on April 11th. My mom named me Angela because she said when they brought me to her, I looked like an angel. She still thinks I’m an angel. 😉 You can learn how to pronounce my name here:https://www.teachingbooks.net/pronounce.cgi?aid=22740

Writing is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do in my life. The next best thing would be running a home for rescued animals. After that, I wouldn’t mind owning a pretzel shop or an empanada truck. Back to writing… I’ve been writing short stories, poetry, and novels since I was a child. My teachers used to read my work aloud in class and it embarrassed me, but I also liked it. I still feel that way about writing. Sharing my work is scary, but exciting.

So far, I’ve written three middle grade novels: Gaby, Lost and Found,  which was named Best Youth Chapter book by the International Latino Book Awards and a Bank Street College of Education’s Best Books of 2014.  I’m only mentioning the award and recognition because students always ask me about it. My second middle-grade novel, Allie, First At Last, was released by Scholastic in Spring 2016 and received a starred-review from Kirkus.

My third novel, Me, Frida and the Secret of the Peacock Ring will be released by Scholastic in March 2018. It’s my first time writing a mystery novel. Read more about it here: Me, Frida and the Secret of the Peacock Ring. I’m also happy to announce that I adapted Disney-Pixar’s new animated movie about Día De Las Muertos, Coco, into a junior novelization to be released on October 10, 2017.  Woo hoo!

I’m super proud of the novels I’ve written because they’re exactly the type of books I would have enjoyed when I was a child. If you want to read a more “official” author bio, please click here. 🙂 

Other facts you should know about me

  • I was born and raised in Kansas so that means I’m super polite and very patient, but I don’t tolerate mean people.
  • If you have a pretzel, I will ask you for a bite.
  • I cry during the World Cup, Olympics and March Madness (Go Jayhawks!)
  • I was editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper, The Highland Park Bagpiper.
  • I played the snare drum from 5th – 8th grade.
  • My first language is English, but I love to practice my Spanish too.
  • I’m the third of four children in my family.
  • I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for two years teaching English
    and literature ( I miss my alumnos!)
  • I lived in Brownsville, Texas for two years after graduating
    from college (I miss the Valley!)
  • I’m a daughter of a retired elementary teacher.
  • I have way too many writing pens in my house. I manage to
    nab them wherever I go, so watch your pens around me.
  • I graduated with an English degree from the University of Kansas (Go Jayhawks!)
  • I will stop my car to help any furry, feathered or reptile friend cross the street safely.

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