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East Central High

Arris Parcelus


Tomorrow at dusk, Arris Parcelus, nephew to the Chief Overseer of the Aduran Mines, would collect the Synopals from the Torri’s hands. Then he would hand those without Synopals to his brother, Zoran, for their executions. Or at least, that was half of the story. Arris Parcelus is a rebel. He is one among the few members of the Aduran Rebellion. One of four.


The Aduran Rebellion was planning to rescue the Torri who happened to be inside the noose.


It was their plan that Arris was contemplating while he walked to East Central High. He was no longer a student at ECH, at age eighteen. His friend, Dorian, was the only one of their small group that actually attended the school. Arris and his other friends were volunteering at the school to help the staff and students.


Arris arrived at the school five minutes early, running through the school and unlocking all the doors. When he returned to the gray front double doors of the school, people were pushing their way in. Arris stood against the ebony walls, in an approachable position. Zeen, one of Arris’s close friends, sidled up against the wall next to Arris. His fiery red hair was still tousled as if he forgot to comb it this morning. His gray eyes were brought out by the blue sweater he was wearing, that also happened to complement his olive skin. Since Zeen was a bit taller than Arris, Arris had to lift his neck a bit to meet the other man’s eyes.


“Dorian says he got the plan under control. And Kadi readied the Translock, so we’re ready to go,” Zeen said.


Arris could hear the ‘but’ coming. “But?” he asked.


“Rumors are going around that the last set of Torri weren’t executed for not locating Synopals.”


“So we’ll be more careful. I’m not letting those people die, Zeen.”


“I know, mate. We’re meeting after school to discuss it.”


Zeen melted into the group of students passing by and went to stand at the other end of the hallway. Arris discreetly watched every student that walked through those double doors. Then, a light vibration behind his right ear sounded. He signaled to Zeen and left his post. The vibration meant that someone had entered the building through another entrance. It was triggered by his Translet, a band around his left wrist that every Cyran had. They were communication devices as well as personal artificial intelligence transmitters. Arris’s artificial intelligence was named Ash. Ash had placed vibrating alarms on each entrance to ECH.


As Arris reached the back entrance to East Central High, he saw two figures in tattered clothing in the corner of the building. Both had pasty pale skin, as if they hadn’t seen the sun in a couple of years. The leader was surprisingly much younger than the female. He looked to have brown hair and was a couple inches shorter than the female. The girl had black hair and a hopeless look in her brown eyes. Torri.


As Arris approached the two Torri, the female tried to get the male to leave the building, but the male didn’t budge. He looked closer and realized that they both wore uniforms from his uncle’s mine. Aduran Torri. What were they doing here?


“Hi, I’m Arris. How can I help you?” Arris asked them when he was about five feet away.


“We want to attend class 4021, Technology II in room 37,” the male answered.


As Arris got even closer to the two Torri, recognition flashed in the female’s eyes a second before she dropped to the ground, kneeling, with her head bowed in submission. Surprise lit the male’s eyes before he too kneeled, as he realized who exactly he was speaking too. Arris grabbed the female’s shoulders and lifted her up into a standing position.


He looked straight into her eyes as he said, “I may be the nephew of your master, but never kneel to me. You can kneel to my uncle and my brother all you wish, but I will never be your master.”


The female shuddered as his words hit home. The male rose as he too took in the meaning of his words.


“Why do you two want to attend Technology II?” Arris asked.


“You don’t know this, but tomorrow at dusk I will be executed. YK would like to attend this class, and I, as a final favor to him, have been asked to attend with him. So, if you don’t mind, tell me where YK and I can attend class 4021,” the female demanded. “Sir,” she added as an afterthought.


The male, YK, glanced at the female in what looked to be shock. Arris had the feeling that the female had not said so many words, at once, in a long while. A grin tried to break free from his mouth, and after struggling for a couple seconds, he let it. The female didn’t smile in return, the ranting must have been as much of a change in character as Arris was going to get.


“I’m sorry for your upcoming death, and–.”


“I’m not sorry, so neither should you be,” the female interrupted.


“Regardless, class 4021 can be found in the second hallway on your left. Room 307. You can find different clothing in the supply closet in 306. The next person who sees you in those clothes won’t be as accommodating. Good luck.”


Arris turned and left the two Torri. He returned to his original standing position in front of the main double doors. Zeen curiously looked at him, but Arris ignored the look.


The last students were trickling into the school, and Dorian was among them. The blue-eyed and black haired boy always had his mind somewhere else than where he was. Arris grabbed the brown-skinned boy and pulled him aside.


“Come with me,” Arris said to him.


As the boys walked past Zeen, he fell into line behind them. Arris walked past many classrooms before he found an empty one, and went inside, locking the door behind him. An unexpected feeling had washed over Arris when he’d walked away from the two Torri. He felt like he’d already failed them somehow.


“Did I forget to mention that we are having a meeting with Kadi to discuss this?” Zeen asked.


“It was implied,” Arris responded icily. ”


“What’s wrong, mate?”


Dorian placed a hand on Zeen’s shoulder, silently imploring him to be silent. Arris looked around the standard classroom, his eyes slipping over the empty desks, numerous bookcases filled with technological devices, and the teacher’s board. He walked over to the gray speckled walls and placed his hand on the clean surface. His hand seemed to disappear into the wall. Flashes of images of the wall previously in time presented themselves in Arris’s eyes. Once the gray wall had been painted a deep red. Before that, it looked like a white wall with writing covering all of its surfaces. One by one the words disappeared as Arris went further back in time. Soon only a blank white wall was left. Arris glanced at the time stamp and realized he had gone back five hundred years. A touch on his shoulder brought Arris back to the present.


“Better?” Dorian asked quietly.


“A little.” Arris realized five minutes had gone by.


“Why the temper, mate?” Zeen inquired.


“Two Aduran Torri walked into this building asking for the location of Tech II. When I asked why, the female responded that today at dusk she was going to die, and had come here as a final request of her friend. She wanted to die, Zeen. She kneeled. Kneeled for me, like I’m her master.”


“Stars and Bones,” Dorian muttered.


“Do you know their identification?” Zeen questioned.


“All I know is that the male is known as YK to the female.”


“Guess we’ll see them tomorrow, regardless,” Zeen replied. “Which we will discuss this afternoon when Kadi is present,” he added when Dorian opened his mouth to speak.

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