Make a Mask Project

Girl Scout Gold Award: Serene Haroon

My Project Goal

With Masks 4 America, my goal is to gather a group of people and create at least 300 face masks. I plan on each person supplying their completed masks to hospitals near them in need.

My Plan


Every volunteer who registers will be added to a WhatsApp group. Each of the volunteers will have access to the instructions to make their masks, either by machine or hand sewing. I would like to make at least 300 masks, so it will be important for each volunteer to make as many masks as they can. I will supply all of the instructions you will need to make the masks. After you complete making your masks, you will have to send me pictures of the masks you completed so I can receive credit for my project. You can then send your masks to the hospitals near your location.

Can I Be A Volunteer?

If you…

  • have some experience sewing (by hand or machine)
  • have a sewing machine at home or know how to hand sew
  • have the ability to get fabric and other materials
  • have the time to commit to making masks
  • want to help

…you can be a volunteer!

How Will You Communicate With Us?

I am planning on creating a WhatsApp group for all volunteers. If you need personal assistance on completing your masks, we can set up a way to communicate at the time. If necessary I can set up a video conference.

Can I Get Volunteer Hours for This?

Yes, of course. When the time comes that you have completed all of your masks, please contact me with your volunteer hours sheet, and I will be happy to sign off. 

Please Share.

If you know of anyone else who would be interested, please share the link to this page. Thank you! Your support means a lot to me.

Total Masks Made
Total Masks Made 100%

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