“Who are you?” he asked.
I am the future queen of this world, at the very least. You may refer to me as Mistress Koboi for the next five minutes. After that you may refer to me as Aaaaarrrrgh, hold your throat, die screaming, and so on.”


After disappearing for three years, Artemis Fowl has returned to a life different from the one he left. Now he’s a big brother, and spends his days teaching his twin siblings the important things in life, such as how to properly summon a waiter at a French restaurant.

But when Artemis Fowl’s mother contracts a life-threatening illness, his world is turned upside down. The only hope for a cure lies in the brain fluid of the silky sifaka lemur. Unfortunately, the animal is extinct due to a heartless bargain Artemis himself made as a younger boy.

Though the odds are stacked against him, Artemis is not willing to give up. With the help of his fairy friends, the young genius travels back in time to save the lemur and bring it back to the present. But to do so, Artemis will have to defeat a maniacal poacher, who has set his sights on new prey: Holly Short.

The rules of time travel are far from simple, but to save his mother, Artemis will have to break them all.and outsmart his most cunning adversary yet: Artemis Fowl, age ten.

My Experiences

**I know I’m only supposed to post good books (It is the “Greatest Children’s Books EVER”), but since I’d already started this series I had to finish it**

I really do enjoy this series. The characters, especially, are fully defined and work well together. Artemis, Butler, Holly, Mulch, Foaly, Root, have all taken a journey through the course of the series and become different people.

This new volume either underscores that or tears into pieces. Authors who meddle with time generally have a mixed bag. This deals with it fairly well, but not as well as, on a lesser scale, Prisoner of Azkaban does.

Colfer was obviously making a point when he set Artemis Fowl against his own past self, and I winced when I read those passages because it works brutally. Artemis really did change, that was the genius of the series in the first place.

But did he really have to bring Opal Koboi back AGAIN? I am SO SICK of her. She’s not even that interesting of a villain, compared to Jon Spiro in Eternity Code or Leon Abbot in Lost Colony.

And where did Minerva Paradizo go? I loved the romantic tension between her and Artemis.

*But IF you don’t believe me, read the book for yourself*


“Humm humm haaa. Rahmumm humm haaaa,” intoned Opal, finishing her chant. “Peace be inside me, tolerance all around me, forgiveness in my path. Now, Mervall, show me where the filthy human is so that I may feed him his organs.”

“I bet,” said Mulch, “that you would set the world on fire just to watch it burn.”
Opal tapped the suggestion into a small electronic notepad on her pocket computer.
Thanks for that. Now, tell me everything.”

Where to find this *PATHETIC* Book

Indie Bound*


*If you are unaware, I have a video on how to use Indie Bound as a resource on how to find books

**Also, if you have a Windows Phone, there is a really good PDF reader app called Bookviser Reader. You can check out their website here.

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