About Me

Hey. I’m Serene. I am an addict – a book addict. I can’t stay away, from reading books or writing books. As I understand it, you are also a reader of the world’s written collection. Whether an addict or an occasional reader, I have not the slightest clue. Though I do know that I have it within my power to help you along your journey.

Welcome to my blog! I am a book reviewer, a book reader, and a book writer. Feel free to stay as long as you’d like, I’m always here. I have no posting schedule whatsoever, but I try to post at least once a week. Stick around, and learn more about me and my book preferences.

Have some book recommendations, comments, requests, or otherwise want to reach me, click on Contact Me, to fill out a form, and I will reach you. Also, I am always open to the idea of you writing a post or two for me. In fact, I’d appreciate it, a lot. Just fill in the form on the Contact Me page, with your email, and I will send you an email with more details.

Thank you for supporting along this journey, as I am supporting you. You guys are the best, forever!

Happy reading,


2,377 thoughts on “About Me”

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